Our Story

Our History

We are third generation fruitgrowers starting with grandfather, J D Morey on an Orrvale soldier settlement. JD Morey and Sons (Ron and Lin Morey) moved to Grahamvale to develop a large orchard packing shed and coolstore complex, which was later sold in 1988.

Mark and Jenny Morey moved to an abandoned citrus grove at Nathalia in 1988, developing a highly productive apple orchard on the rich river flats of the Broken Creek.

On one of our trips to the UK to check on our Pink Lady apple exports, we discovered cider and the diverse ranges made. Thus Cheeky Grog Co Pty Ltd was established in 2004 as a means of making cider to utilise 100% of our fruit grown on our own farms for a commercial return.

Our initial attempts of cider making, although not completely successful, gave us the drive to explore further as the lessons learned helped realise our end goal.

With a rich history of winemakers in the family from Germany to Cosgrove and Beechworth and being passionate fruit growers, this passion continues into our range of ciders through the Cheeky Grog Co.

Our Progression

After many years of trials and equipment purchases, we began bottling our cider in 2014. Maintaining it as a family run business Mark and Jenny’s niece Lisa was hired to be the cider maker. As Lisa comes from a wine-making family (Her parents being the owners and brains behind Beechworth’s Sorrenberg winery), it was a natural progression for her to be able to highlight the tannins and flavour complexity in cider.

Since then, we have perfected our art of cider making using a unique blend of Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Heritage varieties of Apples in our range. Our ciders consist of 100% home grown fruit with no added sugars.

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