The Process

Stage One:


The apples and pears are washed and sorted and fall into the auger which pushes it through the crusher. It then falls into the belt press which squeezes the juice out.

Stage Two:


Our fermentation takes place in stainless steel for our sessionals and oak for our heritage varieties.

All our ciders are fermented for roughly 7-10 days til dry.

Stage Three:

Filtering & Back Sweetening​

A secondary crush takes place to obtain juice for back sweetening.

The juice is then mixed with a dry cider and filtered through our crossflow into a sterile pressure tank.

Stage Four:

Carbonation & Bottling

The Cider is force carbonated through a carbonating stone for one week and is then bottled on our counter pressure bottling machine at Cheeky Grog Co. in Bunbartha.

We do a small range of bottle conditioned ciders (Secret Seven & Crabby Johnny) where a small amount of juice is added and bottled on our gravity head filler and left for a secondary ferment in the bottle.

Our ‘Grannies That Pop’ is bottle conditioned, then degorged to obtain a clean Champagne style Cider.

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